Astragal Bars

New A or B Energy Rated

Ideal for a multitude of applications to give that authentic look and feel

Astragal Bars sometime called Cottage Bars can be fitted to any product within the Hallmark range. They enhance the look of windows, doors & conservatories by giving them the traditional Georgian appearance of individual panes, whether in new or old homes. They are aeshetically more pleasing that internal Georgian Bars, especially when in a dark colour. Mahobany wooodgrain foil, Rosewood woodgrain foil, black or brown integral Georgian bars, in particular tend to merge into the background and disappear behind the reflections of the glass. By using astragal bars, this does not happen. To make the astragal bars look like individually glazed panes, there is a dummy spacer bar between the glass immediately behind the bars, so that when viewed from an angle look like individual sealed units. What’s more, these bars are slightly smaller than the sealed unit edge spacer bar, so as not to create a cold bridge across the glass. A 16mm gap sealed unit, will normally have 12mm dummy spacers behind the astragal bars.

Golden Oak Astragal Bar
Golden Oak
Rosewood Astragal Bar
Mahogany Astragal Bar
Irish Oak Astragal Bar Window

Astragal bars give that
authentic look and feel

Black Astragal Bar
Cream Astragal Bar
White Ash Astragal Bar
White Ash

Benefits and Features

White Astragal Bar Conservatory

They are available in white or woodgrain foils and are compatible with any product within the Hallmark range. Woodgrain foils are available in Mahogany, Rosewood and Golden Oak.

The Astragal Bars give that Georgian appearance of individual panes, that can make all the difference when looking for authenticity or individuality.

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