Insurance Backed Deposit and Guarantee

IWA Insurance backed Guarantee & Deposit Indemnity

We have some interesting information about our IWA Insurance backed Guarantee & Deposit Indemnity program linked here from our Richmond Oak Holding Company website…

We understand that one of the biggest concerns of our clients is losing their deposit or guarantee, should the company they contract with cease trading. The difficult trading conditions during the past four years have led to hundreds of home improvement companies going out of business, leaving thousands of their customers with lost deposits and invalidated guarantees. This includes a number of substantial, established timber conservatory companies like Baltic Pine, Glass Houses, Priory Conservatories, Fawsley, Durabuild and more recently, the oldest and largest company in the industry, Amdega.

I know that our potential clients may not feel so confident as we are about our business and now we are able to provide guaranteed reassurance that purchasing from us is as safe as we claim.

Richmond Oak Conservatories have selected the IWA Insurance backed Guarantee & Deposit Indemnity scheme. Continue reading →

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